How Do Crowns Help You Attain a Smile Makeover?

Posted by DENTAL SPECIALISTS OF NORTH FLORIDA on Feb 25 2022, 12:03 AM

A smile makeover makes a person's smile more aesthetically pleasing through several selected dental procedures. For instance, the dentist could improve the appearance of a person's teeth by placing dental crowns. 

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that are designed to fit over the tooth. These are used as a standalone treatment. Dental crowns are sometimes placed after a root canal or over implants to renovate the function of a tooth and make it more beautiful. The dentist uses porcelain caps to offer the most realistic look.

Crowns are also used to cover unattractive or damaged teeth. Installing dental crowns provides extensive cosmetic benefits to an individual. 

How Do Crowns Help in a Smile Makeover?

Only a few people are born with natural teeth that look flawless. Also, teeth tend to lose their beautiful appearance when proper dental care is not taken. Crowns are customized to match the shape and color of the patient’s other teeth. 

A crown helps to achieve a smile makeover in several ways:

  • It Restores a Broken or Worn Tooth

When a person falls or gets hit in the mouth, their teeth could get cracked. Teeth can also become worn down by teeth grinding or nail-biting. A crown helps to repair the damages and prevent further harm to the natural tooth. 

  • It Sets a Uniform Shape to the Teeth

A person’s smile becomes more disproportionate if one tooth is smaller or larger compared to the surrounding teeth. Many people face problems with misaligned teeth. With the help of crowns, the dentist can design the teeth according to the desired length and shape. 

  • It Replaces the Missing Teeth

Dental crowns help in replacing teeth that have been lost due to unexpected accidents or the need for extraction. A crown is placed in its position as the visible part of an implant to give a natural look.

  • It Restores Decayed Teeth

For teeth with large cavities, crowns can be made to restore them. If teeth whitening procedures are not producing the desired outcome, crowns are installed to give a better result. 

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