What Are Digital Dental X-Rays?

Posted by DENTAL SPECIALISTS OF NORTH FLORIDA on Mar 18 2022, 12:35 AM

Dentists all over the world depend on digital X-rays to diagnose oral problems that cannot be assessed by visually examining your teeth and gums. Dental X-rays have made oral care easier, less time-consuming, while also being an effective method for the prevention of dental issues.

Our experienced team at Dental Specialists of North Florida in Saint Augustine and Palm Coast, Florida, use digital X-rays to accurately diagnose and offer the best possible care for your dental issues.

How Do Digital X-Rays Work?

With the ever-evolving diagnostic technology, digital dental X-rays have replaced traditional radiographs. While the radiographs of the past produced images on film, digital X-rays use electronic sensors to generate digital images. 

The high-quality images captured are transmitted within a split second to the computer screen. Images can also be easily enhanced and resized for a more precise diagnosis.

Different Types of Digital Dental X-Rays

Here are the most common types of digital X-rays and the reasons why you may need one:

Bitewing X-Ray

Changes in bone density are commonly observed when patients have gingivitis or cavities between the teeth. During an oral exam, the dentist may not be able to analyze these areas properly. 

Bitewing X-rays show images of your upper and lower teeth from the crowns to the jawbone.

Panoramic X-Ray

This is a two-dimensional type of X-ray that shows all the teeth in your upper and lower arches within a single image. They are used to assess the condition of fully emerged teeth. They also help check wisdom teeth eruption and diagnose tumors and other abnormalities.

Periapical Films (PA)

PAs are used to capture the full dimension of the teeth. This includes their outer structure, pulp, nerve canals, roots, and surrounding jawbone. PAs are an excellent diagnosis tool for assessing the severity of root infections and bone decay. They are also used to track bone density changes.

What Are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays?

Digital dental X-rays provide the following benefits:

  • They allow screening for asymptomatic and invisible issues 
  • Early detection reduces the need for invasive and expensive treatments
  • According to studies, digital X-rays minimize radiation exposure by almost 90% allowing for safer diagnostics and quicker treatment
  • Referrals to other specialists become easier since the images are stored electronically

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