Your recovery should be just that — a recovery. It should not be a time of stress or confusion. And to help ensure you have the post-operative experience we want for you, Drs. John Thousand and Robert Thousand have provided the following instructions, forms and videos. In addition, we encourage you to call 904-794-1000 and speak to our periodontists in St. Augustine or Palm Coast, Florida, any time you have a question. Our team members at Dental Specialists of North Florida look forward to helping you achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile.

Recovery Guides
Post-op Implant Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Perio Surgery Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Ext Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Sedation Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Sinus Lift Guide (DSNF)
Pre-op Sedation Guide (DSNF)
Post-op GBR Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Gingival Graft Guide (DSNF)