Your recovery should be just that — a recovery. It should not be a time of stress or confusion. And to help ensure you have the post-operative experience we want for you, Dr. John Thousand, Dr. Robert Thousand and Dr. Michael Romani have provided the following instructions, forms and videos. In addition, we encourage you to call 904-794-1000 and speak to our periodontists in St. Augustine or Palm Coast, Florida, any time you have a question. Our team members at Dental Specialists of North Florida look forward to helping you achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile.

Recovery Guides
Post-op Implant Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Perio Surgery Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Ext Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Sedation Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Sinus Lift Guide (DSNF)
Pre-op Sedation Guide (DSNF)
Post-op GBR Guide (DSNF)
Post-op Gingival Graft Guide (DSNF)