Safe and Effective Frenectomies Improve Oral Function

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Are you Tongue- or Lip-Tied?

Tongue- and lip-ties are caused by a tight frenulum and may seem like a common and harmless condition. However, a tight or short frenulum may cause problems with oral function, or affect a person’s smile or speech. Dr. John Thousand offers safe and effective frenectomy treatment to release the lip or tongue from being held too tightly. By seeing a skilled periodontist, you can expect superb results with a fast healing time.

Problems a Frenulum Can Cause

Having a tight frenulum can cause problems for both children and adults. Infants may have problems feeding if a tongue- or lip-tie is too tight. For children, if a frenulum is present in the upper lip, it may be the cause of a gap between the front teeth and should be removed before orthodontic treatment. Denture wearers may have problems with the frenulum not allowing the denture to sit properly on the gums, or be lifted off the gums when talking or eating. Tongue-ties may hinder speech in patients of all ages while a lip-tie may prevent the mouth from closing properly, resulting in mouth breathing.

Benefits of Receiving a Frenectomy

  • Reduced pain or discomfort in the mouth
  • Improved speech
  • Improved biting and chewing ability
  • Enhanced orthodontic results
  • Improved nasal breathing
  • Proper jaw development
  • Increased comfort and function with dentures

A Quick and Relatively Painless Procedure

A frenectomy is a common procedure that can lead to a lifetime of benefits. If your child needs to receive a lip-tie frenectomy, we typically wait until their two front teeth have grown in for best results. We offer sedation options to help with anxiety and block any sensations of pain. By choosing Dr. Thousand for your frenectomy procedure, you can count on experience, skill, and quality results.

If you are suffering from a tongue- or lip-tie, schedule an appointment for a frenectomy with Dr. Thousand today!

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