Tooth Extraction

Gentle Tooth Extraction of Problem Teeth

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Tooth Extraction When it is Absolutely Necessary

While it may be embarrassing to have a tooth extracted, it is actually very common in adults. Over 74 percent of all adults have had at least one tooth extracted during their life. Don’t worry—Dr. John Thousand will only extract a tooth if it is absolutely necessary. We pride our practice on patient integrity and giving you ONLY the treatment you truly need. If a tooth does need to be extracted, however, it is important not to wait as it can cause further complications that can damage your surrounding teeth or health as a whole.

Common Causes for Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth sometimes grow in impacted, meaning they are at an angle and not erupting properly, which may damage or shift surrounding teeth and nerves. Wisdom teeth may also cause crowding or shifting of the surrounding teeth if not extracted.

Retained Baby Teeth

In some cases, baby teeth do not fall out on their own, may be in an incorrect position or be blocking a permanent tooth from erupting. During these situations, extracting the baby tooth may help prevent further complications.


In the case of an accident or trauma to the mouth, a damaged tooth might be past saving and need to be extracted. Dental implant are usually recommended as a natural-looking replacement to extracted teeth.

Periodontal Disease

If periodontal disease has caused significant damage to the tooth root and gums, then extraction and replacement with a dental implant may be the only way to save your surrounding teeth, jaw bone and gums.

Prepare Your Jaw for Dental Implants with Socket Preservation

Tooth Extraction
Socket Preservation Explained

Whenever you have a tooth extracted, there is a small socket left behind in the jaw bone. It is important to persevere this socket to keep your jaw bone volume at adequate levels, especially if you are interested in replacing the tooth with a dental implant. To preserve the socket and retain the bone, Dr. Thousand may add bone grafting material to your socket after extraction. After the bone graft heals and integrates with your existing jaw bone, you should have enough volume for dental implants to be placed. By replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant, you can have a complete smile again that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

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